24 May 2012

Elisandra Tomacheski’s insanely sexy body in swimwear

Let’s move on with Brazilian supermodel Elisandra Tomacheski modeling a whole slew of scorching hot swimwear from the new collection from Tommy Bahama and.. looking like a drop dead sexy little minx in each one of these drool inducing bikinis. I honestly think that gawking at a Brazilian hottie in bikinis in a casual Thursday afternoon could make your life a bit longer.

If it’s not longer, it will surely be a bit more pleasant. This girl looks amazing no matter what she’s wearing but when you get to gush over her in swimwear or even better, in lingerie, she’s absolutely breathtaking. I really don’t know what I prefer, gawking at her in sexy bikinis or in cleavage-amplifying lingerie… this might be one of the toughest choices a man could be forced to make.

I’m going to say bikinis today because you’re about to see a new swimwear gallery of her but if she’s at my place, I’d love to see her in lingerie lol. That’s it, time to click on the sexy thumbnails below!