17 Oct 2011

Elisandra Tomacheski will make you guys squirm

Wow, wow and wow! Here’s one of my favorite hotties, Brazilian bombshell Elisandra Tomacheski, prancing around in sexy swimwear and looking drop dead sexy from head to toe.. and I literally mean “from head to toe”. Good lord, this girl is screaming hot and these photos are just another example of to why I say that.

She’s a pretty successful  model already and now, after modeling swimwear for many, many designers out there, she decided she should launch her own swimwear line, with a name inspired by her first name, Ellis. And.. since she’s already an amazing swimwear model she was definitely the right girl to model her own swimwear collection, right?

Ok.. there’s nothing much else to add other than Elisandra continues to convince me that she is possibly one of the most gorgeous models on the face of the planet right, and it’s all thanks to photoshoots like this one here. Enjoy!