1 Sep 2011

Elisandra Tomacheski looking uber hot in lingerie

Is there anything hotter than a Brazilian supermodel showing off her perfect body in lingerie? Ok, so there might be a couple of things hotter than this, but a Brazilian model in lingerie is definitely up there, and it’s even higher on the hotness scale when said babe is one of our favorites, Elisandra Tomacheski.

Here she is prancing around in skimpy lingerie and looking like the perfect girlfriend you’ve always dreamed of while modeling the newest collection of lingerie from Bare Necessities. Gosh, I liked this peach from day 1 but with every new batch of photos I’m falling more and more for her.

She’s looking pretty damn hot no matter what she’s wearing but when you get to see her in lingerie .. then my friends you should get ready for a long session of drooling. That’s exactly what’s going to happen this morning as well. Enjoy the gush fest!