18 Oct 2012

Elisandra Tomacheski is perfection personified part II

A couple of weeks ago we posted a breathtaking photoshoot with Brazilian bombshell Elisandra Tomacheski looking her absolute sexiest for the new swimwear collection from Luli Fama here, and, luckily for you guys and gals, today we found more photos from Luli Fama that will surely induce drooling within seconds.

Hot damn, I still can’t believe how ridiculously hot and perfect this peach really is, and these pics from Luli Fama are the perfect proof as to why I say that (and basically any other photos you’ll find with her). This girl has an amazing little body with more curves than a formula 1 track and she’s oozing so much sexiness from every inch of said body that it’s practically palpable.

Yeah, now everyone will know that those fingerprints from your monitor are from that time you’ve tried to touch Elisandra Tomacheski’s curves from these photos haha. Enjoy!