15 May 2012

Elisandra Tomacheski is a 10/10 on the uber sexy scale!

Let’s make this day a bit more interesting with a couple of brand spanking new photos of my favorite Brazilian supermodel right now, the lovely Elisandra Tomacheski, strutting her bodacious curves and teasing us with her killer body in skimpy lingerie for Nordstorm once again.

Sorry Adriana, Alessandra, Natalia, Fernanda, Lais (and so on), but I like Elisandra a bit more than any other hottie from this country at the moment. Just look at her, she’s looking absolutely perfect from head to toe, even in a couple of boring studio shots! That smile alone is enough to make you melt like ice cream in a hot summer day.

This girl has been dropping our jaws straight to the floor with every set of photos and that probably says a lot about how freaking sexy and perfect she really is. Enjoy, and if you don’t have anything better to do for the next hours, you could also check out our massive Elisandra Tomacheski archive here.