22 Dec 2011

Elisandra Tomacheski in swimwear is just what the doctor ordered

Wow, and I thought it was impossible for my future girlfriend, Elisandra Tomacheski, to outdo her last drool inducing swimwear photoshoot for Venus (see here). But she’s back with another wonderful photoshoot for Venus, dropping everyone’s jaws while wearing sexy swimwear and a couple of extremely hot dresses.. in other words, looking like a drop dead sexy goddess.

Double wow! This photoshoot is just another example that this Brazilian bombshell looks ridiculously hot basically wearing anything and probably doing anything as well.. from sexy bikinis, to ultra thin dresses, not to mention her mind blowing lingerie photoshoots that we’ve posted now and then..

I don’t know if anyone could even concentrate on walking or breathing around this freaking hot girl but I’d sure love to give it a try and see if I could act normal around her. Having said that, I’m going to stop right here and leave you guys enjoy this brand spanking new Venus photoshoot.