11 Nov 2010

Elisandra Tomacheski in skimpy lingerie is the hotness

Elisandra Tomacheski lingerie 1

So basically, this is all that Elisandra Tomacheski does all day long: prancing around in lingerie to leave us all drooling like fools. Who is she, you ask? Well… I’m a bit disappointed if you’ve never heard of her until now because we’ve featured her at least twice on our site.

I was really impressed by this peach when I’ve first seen her and I didn’t even knew she’s a Brazilian model. That explains her hotness but good lord, is she ridiculously cute sexy, or what? She has a groovy little body and a cute face that will make any of us melt and unable to say anything to her if we’d meet ever her.

She’s a bit underrated at the moment but if she keeps doing what she’s doing and that is… posing in lingerie or bikinis, her fame will definitely skyrocket sooner or later. I love to think I’m one of the first guys who discovered this peach so… maybe she’ll date me one day to return the favor. I deserve that, right?