7 Mar 2012

Elisandra Tomacheski in sexy swimwear is worth a look

Alright guys, let’s start the day with a new photoshoot from Bloomingdales featuring Brazilian supermodel Elisandra Tomacheski posing in sexy swimwear and looking pretty damn hot while doing so.. I think I’ve already posted a ton of drool inducing photos with Eli and all I could say about this new shoot is that she’s as adorably hot as always.

I know these pics are not as jaw dropping as other photos we’ve seen with her in the past but it’s Elisandra in swimwear and that’s one of the best views ever! I would’ve been a little happier if there were more bikinis in this photoshoot but this girl looks amazing no matter what she’s wearing, even in a pretty casual one piece swimsuit.

Don’t expect your girlfriend to look this wonderful in the same swimwear because let’s face it, you’re not dating a Brazilian supermodel, right? This bombshell looks freaking hot from top to bottom and, as you can see, even in a couple of rather boring studio photos she’s just.. smoking. Enjoy!