26 Jan 2012

Elisandra Tomacheski in lingerie will make your head spin

Sorry Adriana, Alessandra and all other Brazilian supermodels that I totally like but.. I have to pick a favorite and here’s my favorite Brazilian hottie at the moment, the drop dead sexy Elisandra Tomacheski, showing off her perfect little body once again in sexy lingerie for the newest collection from Nordstorm.

This peach has been absolutely on fire in the last months of 2011 dropping our jaws with photoshoot after photoshoot in lingerie, bikinis and so on and.. she’s definitely continuing to do so with this sexy gallery. I like her more and more with every new batch of photos that I find with her and I’m sure you’ll like her even more after gawking at these photos.

Her lingerie photos are easily some of the best shots you’ll ever get to drool over soo I’m gonna stop right here and leave you guys enjoy these new pics with Elisandra Tomacheski.