2 Nov 2011

Elisabeth van Tergouw in lingerie will make you squirm

Here’s my one time uber crush, Elisabeth van Tergouw, finally unleashing her hotness again in this brand spanking new lingerie photoshoot for Hunkemoller. I’m sure most of you guys don’t even know who she is but I remember the first time I’ve had the privilege of drooling over this girl’s cute little body like it was yesterday.

I was so impressed by this girl’s hotness that I even remembered her name and that’s saying a lot because it’s damn hard to spell. I used to think that she’s a Dutch hottie because she had a “van” in her name (not an actual van d’oh), but apparently she’s German and… that makes her even more interesting for me ’cause I used to live there for a while.

Now back to Elisabeth van Tergouw.. Hot damn, get a load of those groovy curves! She’s been off our radar in this last year but all she has to do to win back my devotion is, you know, do more sexy photoshoots like this one. That’s all I had to say.. Enjoy this massive photoshoot!