3 Mar 2017

How To Eat A Meal By Not Eating But Drinking Instead

Here’s a question: what do you think is more satisfying: a higher calorie drink with a light consistency, or a low calorie drink with a thicker consistency?

men drinking Smoothies

A lot of us are hard workers. We are always on the go. Our schedules are very hectic, and there’s almost always no time for breakfast except for those lucky home based bastards. But even those guys miss breakfast. So, today in this post, we’re going to talk about smoothies.

Smoothies Are For Men Too

Whenever I hear a guy say, “smoothies are for chicks”, I cry a little bit inside. Smoothies are definitely not EXCLUSIVELY for chicks. They’ve already taken away fruity cocktails from us, so I won’t let them get away with smoothies as well. Smoothies are for everyone who can chop fruit, put them in a blender, add milk, and blend them.

Getting The Right Consistency

There are some things you need to take into account if you’re going to replace a meal (let’s say, breakfast) with a smoothie though. First are the ingredients. There are unlimited combinations to the smoothies you can prepare by just mixing your favorite fruits and greens. You can research on some recipes to get you started online if you want. Next, you need to think about the nutrients that you’re getting as well. Sometimes it’s something that a spoonful of protein powder can fix. Finally, you need to think about the consistency as well.

Researchers tested men and their reaction to two kinds of smoothies. These are the ones that I’ve mentioned a while ago at the intro: a higher calorie drink with a light consistency, or a low calorie drink with a thicker consistency. As it turns out, the lower calorie drink made the guys feel full and satisfied longer than the higher calorie drink that was as thin as milk. Hence, the next time you want to whip up something to fill you up, make sure that it’s high in nutrients and nice and thick as well. Now that’s a perfectly healthy breakfast in less than five minutes.