1 May 2012

Easiest way to turn a girl into your girlfriend

Every week more and more guys are telling me they’re having success at sleeping with girls but they’re finding it way too hard to start a relationship. Last week I wrote an article about the Main Reasons Guys are Driving Women Away, because at that time it seemed that was the main problem. Apparently, it doesn’t stop there so, this week we’re looking at how to actually turn a one night stand or, basically any girl you had sex with, into a girlfriend.

Some people might say that one night stands are bad for girlfriends. While some girls are indeed waaay too easy and are not worth the effort, I like to believe that if you manage to score a one night stand it’s because you’ve got game.  Think about it this way, if you’ve managed to do everything right and she simply could not resist, how is that her fault?

The only reason any lay becomes a one night stand is because you CHOSE so. If you want to get a girlfriend try NOT classing every girl you sleep with as a one night stand.

Every one night stand can be your girlfriend and the process from Hello to having sex should be identical. No, you don’t have to buy flowers, no, you don’t have to take them on dates. The difference between a one night stand and a girlfriend is what you do after the act (sex). If you’re the one telling her to leave after you’ve done it, then you’re the one who doesn’t want anything else.

Introducing her into your world

In my experience the best way to turn any girl into a girlfriend is to make her part of your world. This is actually what makes her fall in love with YOU as well. Not the guy you pretended to be in order to sleep with her but YOU in all your entirety. Making her part of your world is something that women love. The more you get her involved into your life the more she wants to feel comfortable in it.

This is done a lot by the guy without even realizing it. This article is here to show you exactly what’s going on in the process and how you can spin things in your favor. Let’s look at an example:

So I get this girl home with me, I manage to sleep with her now what? Well instead of asking her to leave, I give her a pair of my clean boxers, a T-shirt and take her into the living room (not any girl but at least the ones I think are worth a shot).

Anyway, I have some cool girl roommates (all girls) and we watch a lot of classic movies. Let’s say that on this particular night we were watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I always have a bottle of wine in the fridge plus in front of the TV there’s this nice white shaggy carpet.

I sit her on the carpet, give her a glass of wine and we start watching the movie. It’s important to note that I never asked the girl what she wanted to do but rather, I got her to do whatever I felt like doing. Let’s be honest here, what girl wouldn’t want to drink wine and watch a classic movie, chilling with a dude she just had sex with?

In any case, if she hates this sort of stuff, then I instantly know that she’s not the girl for me. The same goes for you and any of your “world” activities.

So what makes her being part of my world so special? Well.. what she’s doing now, right here, with me, is something that she will never ever do with anyone else. It’s truly unique and that makes her special because she can partake in such unique activities. This is the sort of stuff women die for.

If she stays the night, that’s even better because in the morning she will be part of my world even more. When I wake up, I make something for breakfast. I don’t ask her what she wants but instead give her exactly what I’m having. Because I like to keep “healthy” let’s say in this particular morning she gets eggs and bacon. She’s literally experiencing part of my life.

If she’s got more free time and I’ve got stuff to do, even better, I take her with me. I can take her to the car parts store to get something for my car, and on the way I can tell her about my car and all sorts of things that matter in my life.

Does she care? Not much but what she does notice is a guy that’s taking the time to educate her about “useless” things in his life. What does this mean to her? She instantly knows that you’re genuinely interested in having her around. You’re basically telling her you’re willing to commit without actually telling her anything…

If she’s ok with whatever is that you’re doing soon enough she’ll fall in love with the REAL you.

Keeping her interested

Now that the initial hurdle is passed you need to show her constant commitment by keeping her interested. In general when I’m in a casual relationship I tend to speak to her maybe, 2-3 times a week by text or phone. If I’m in a “relationship” I’ll have to send her at least 5-10 texts a day. This proves that I’m genuinely interested in her existence.

When talking to her in this manner you need to be doing 2 main things. You need to ask her about what’s going on in her day and you need to tell her about what’s going on in your day.

It’s not rocket science and women love it. They want to hear about all sorts of stuff like what you had for lunch and what arguments you’re having with your roommates. She’s also going to tell you what she had for lunch and what arguments she’s having with her roommates.

It’s all normal and don’t get too worked up about it. This is the sort of stuff that builds up a relationship. The more you listen to what she’s telling you the more she will fall in love with you. It’s really easy when you think about it this way…

And the good part is that you’re actually getting to know this other person and soon you’ll be very good friends. When all of this is going on, you can proudly say that you’re in a relationship. If you’ve made it this far the girl will be thinking about you on the bus, on the bench, at work, with her friends, basically every day and everywhere.

To recap, all you need to do in order to turn a girl into a girlfriend is:

– Skills to get her in bed

– Making her part of your world

– Constant interest in her existence

This article was written by Alex Matlock, expert in dating and women psychology. This is the sort of stuff he discusses on his blog and in the free eBook he’s giving out. If you want to increase your success with women visit The Player Guide – a place where the “dating” mindset is thrown out the window in favor of more direct (and fruitful) methods of meeting and seducing women.