4 Jan 2017

How To Dress Like A Stylish Gent: Winter Fashion 2017

Winter can be a bit daunting when talking about how dress like a true gent. There are certainly a lot of choices available but care must be taken if you don’t want to be a bulky piece of mess. Here are some sartorial tips that you can keep in mind though when dressing up for this year’s winter time along with some, hopefully, inspiring pieces.

Winter Fashion 2017

Do some layering.

Like what I have already mentioned above, you would not want to look bulky – unless that bulk is actually your muscles. However, you don’t want to be underdressed as well, with your ass freezing underneath. The right way to do it is through strategic layering.

There are a lot of lightweight fabric that can keep you warm minus the additional padding. Cashmere for one, is a good choice. Layer that with a coat made of another lightweight fabric would be nice.

Invest in a stylish outerwear.

After keeping yourself warm underneath, it’s time to top it all off with a reliable topper. Remember that this piece will put your look together while giving you protection from the harshest winter winds. Hence, it would be best for you to invest in a nice classic piece that you can wear even ten years from now, and still look smart.

Accesorize like a pro.

Finally, your winter look will not be perfect without the proper accessories. Skip the cravat for now and opt for a cozy scarf. As for footwear, there are a lot of stylish winter boots this season for you to choose from. Choose a versatile piece that will go great with whatever you choose to wear – whether that means jeans, or something a little bit more formal. Again, the trick is to invest in classic pieces that you know you can depend on, winter after winter. After all, pieces with this kind of history will serve a great conversation starters for Christmases to come.