19 Jul 2017

How To Dress Up Like Hugh Jackman In Logan

Have you watched the movie Logan already? I know it’s been months already since the movie was released and it’s even later than that once this article gets finally published. But, I still can’t get enough of it and move on. It is, after all, the last time we are going to see Hugh Jackman take on his legendary role which we’ve watched grow for the past decade. God, I’ll miss him.

Hugh Jackman In Logan

Hence, to honor him and his beloved character, let us channel our inner Logan through this fashionable pieces.

The Denim

It would be safe to say that there are two iconic Logan clothing in the film. First would be his country getup and second, the one where he was wearing a suit. For the country, as you might recall, he wore a black button-up shirt, then topped by a denim shirt.

You could get a similar denim shirt in True Religion with their Ryan Western-style Denim Shirt.

The Suede

And we are not done with the getup yet. To complete the look, you must not forget to top that with a suede jacket. The closest match for the one Logan used in the film would be Deus Ex Machina’s Django Suede Jacket which costs $277. I bet you can spot similar jackets at a cheaper price though.

The Suit

Finally, we get to the second look. The suit. I don’t think Barney Stinson would be too proud though as we see this suit get roughed up a lot during the film. Whether or not you’ll rough it up though is up to you. A close match to the one we saw on film would be Brunello Cucinelli’s Popelin Diamond Print Sportshirt which costs almost $250. I’m sure you can recreate the look though with a nice cream colored button up shirt.

And of course, let’s not forget the suit which looks pretty much like J.Lindeberg’s Hopper Wool Blazer at $540.

Just a final reminder, if you really want to feel as if you’re Logan, it is not just enough for you to wear his clothes but remember to channel your inner beast as well.