6 Sep 2017

Dress Up Like The Gods In American Gods: Technical Boy

American Gods is the latest series by Starz, based from a Neil Gaiman novel, no less. Well, even without knowing beforehand that it’s a Gaiman, any book worm would have been able to guess it from a mile away. Only this mythology lover would be able to come up with a story as crazy as this one. And I mean, TOTALLY CRAZY.

Dress Up Like The Gods

But we’re not going to talk about that today. This is a fashion article, after all, so we are going to talk about the clothes that they wear in the series, and what the new god Technical Boy wears in particular.

The Technical Boy Look

Now before we talk specifics, let’s talk about the aesthetic first. If you want to get the look, you don’t really need to get the exact gear, you just need to understand two things: first, he’s got the club wear game all figured out, and second, there’s only ONE constant thing in his clothing: his vape.

The Vape

Talking about the vape, what he is smoking is actually a synthetic toad skin vape. Why toad skin? That’s because toad skin, much like the Colorado River Toad’s, maybe toxic, but also packs a sh*tload of hallucinogen. And vaping it will burn all those venomous components leaving…you’ve guessed it. The ticket to paradise.

The Clothing

Our researchers have not found a lot of specific information about Technical Boy’s clothing online which only means one thing – a lot of them were handmade. The designer’s name is Suttirat Larlarb in case you want the exact same suit Techie Boy wore in Easter’s party.

As for the things we did find, there are two:

Neil Barrett’s Arrow and Stars Poplin Shirt

Yes, that’s the iconic shirt he was wearing when he first met with Shadow Moon. The one in the posters. The version we found is a black and white one, but that’s the shirt.

Marcelo Burlon Shirt

Another shirt that we have found is this printed Marcelo Burlon shirt. Yeah, I know. This shirt is awesome. You’re welcome.