11 Sep 2017

Dress Up Like The Gods In American Gods: Mr. Wednesday

What’s up? How are you guys doing? The last time we were here, we talked about the new television series by Starz called American gods, based from the book of the same title written by Neil Gaiman. In that article we talked all about Technical Boy and his choice of fashion implements, but I know that a fashion feature of American Godz will never be complete without even taking a look at Mr. Wednesday. He is the big guy in the series, after all.

Mr. Wednesday

Mr. Wednesday

To those who have not started watching the series yet (stop reading this and start watching), Mr. Wednesday is the old god who recruited the main protagonist’s help, Shadow Moon. Since he is an old god, it’s practically understandable that he looks faded in a way, so the main color theme of our god?

Beige, beige, beige!

Ian McShane looks good in anything, but he’s got the calm and collected look in the bag because of the beige motif. If you want to channel the same elegance he’s got pinned down, you are going to need a beige coat. We were not able to find the exact same coat, but the Kingsman Slim Fit Double Breasted Wool Overcoat is a close match.

Your choice of what’s going to be underneath – either a vest of a lighter color or a turtleneck of a darker shade. Finish it with light brown dress pants and brown leather shoes.

As of the moment, exact details on their costumes and the clothes they are wearing is as mysterious as hell, but if you know the way towards where I can get my hands on his fedora hat, the one that he was wearing during that car ride with Shadow Moon, then I will be eternally grateful. See you in the next fashion article!