30 Apr 2013

Doutzen Kroes looking as jaw dropping as usual

Here’s everyone’s favorite Dutch supermodel, Victoria’s Secret angel Doutzen Kroes, unleashing a megaton of lingerie hotness in a brand new set of photos from VS, of course, for you to enjoy and drool over like a puppy in heat. Now do you really need any further directions or want me to gush over Doutzen’s adorably hot curves once again !?

I’ve probably used every cool word in the dictionary to describe this girl’s sexiness and I’m starting to feel that words can’t do her justice. She’s super hot and if you don’t believe my words, these pics, or any other photos you’ll ever find with her will surely convince you. She looks amazing in every single photo and that’s saying a lot.

I’m gonna cut this one short and let you guys get straight to the clicking and drooling part. These 44 sexy photos will make your morning even better than you’ve expected it to be.