19 Nov 2012

Doutzen Kroes in lingerie will knock your damn pants off!

Baaack in action after a short vacation. We’ll try to make up for lost time these days and.. I really can’t think of a better way to get your engines up and running in this new week and this new Monday other than drooling over a new batch of Victoria’s Secret lingerie photos featuring my uber sexy fling from the Netherlands, Doutzen Kroes.

And one look at any of these brand spanking new photos and you can easily see why I’d put my relationship in jeopardy. This girl is the definition of a Victoria’s Secret angel, sexy from head to freaking toe, with one of the tightest bodies you’ve ever had the privilege of gawking at. A vision of perfection, especially when she’s wearing nothing but sexy lingerie.

And lord have mercy, that’s exactly what’s you’re going to see right now. Enjoy the Doutzen Kroes sizzle-fest and.. try not to drool all over your keyboard. I’ve heard drool and electronics don’t go well together.