15 Feb 2013

Döttling’s The Fortress is the world’s safest luxury safe

Döttling is a famous manufacturer of fine antique and highly secure safes and their latest creation is called The Fortress, named thus for being the safest luxury safe in the world.

It can be found in the security class range from VdS/EN3 up to VdS/EN5 which makes it the only one to reach such a high standard. You can connect it to a burglar alarm and it also includes a “silent alarm” function offering tested and certified insurance cover of up to one million dollars.

They designed only ten models of each security class,each offering the most versatility they could get. It includes eight watch winders, each controlled individually, and you can adjust the number and direction of rotations in any way you see fit.

You can also measure the humidity and air pressure inside through a barometer and hydrometer and it also includes a humidor of Spanish cedar and an electronic humidifier.

The exterior is covered in fine calfskin and its total weight is of 495kg so you can rest assured that no one will run away with it. Its size is also pretty big, 1238x670x515 cm. The price for this safes amount to a small fortune but it might be worth it for protecting your other valuables.