14 Apr 2017

Don’t Be A Player: The Top Ten Most Expensive Toys You Can Ever Play With

If you think you have already bought the most expensive toy for your children and your godchildren (and sometimes for yourself as your guilty pleasure) then think again lads. For in today’s top ten list we will show the 10 of  the most expensive toys that you will ever buy. We are not talking about hundred dollar sort of toys here mate.

10. 18 Carat Golden Nintendo Game Boy ($30,000)

The very name and appearance of this toy says it all. And old school portable game console surrounded by tastefully blended gold and detailed with precious gems.  Jewelry and gaming all at the same time.

9. Steiff Limited Edition Teddy Bear ($195,000)

Only fourty one pieces of this sapphire eyed and golden mouth stuff toy was only made. But what truly made this teddy bear special is the fact that this limited edition stuffed toy was made by the German stuff toy specialist brand that is known to made the first ever teddy bear.

8. Titania’s Palace ($256,500)

A fairy doll palace made by a knighted artist Sir Neville Wilkinson for her daughter’s garden fairies; all complete with 18 rooms and 3000 mini pieces. This fairy mansion took 15 years of intricate and careful workmanship. Talking about unconditional love.

7. Bejeweled Barbie ($300,000)

Probably the most expensive Barbie doll ever made. Clothed and accessorized with the finest garments and jewelries by a renowned Australian fine jeweler/jewelry designer Stefano Canturi.  This doll, truly is every Barbie owners’ dream.

6. Golden Nintendo Wii Supreme ($487,000)

Nintendo just loves to keep the ball rolling. They created another finely jeweled and plated game console.  This Nintendo Wii is not only plated with gold but also studded with precious diamonds and diamonds for buttons. Another expensive marvel indeed.

5. Gold Rocking Horse ($1.28 Million)

Rocking horse made with pure 24 carat gold designed by a Japanese jeweler Ginza Tanaka for the young and only Prince of Japan.  Just by its head can already make you a mansion.

4. The Masterpiece Cube ($1.5 Million)

A classic toy made special with 18 carat gold with each pieces studded with 185 carat of world’s precious gems. A priceless cube of wealth.

3. Steiff Louis Vuitton Teddy Bear ($1.2 Million)

What made this toy expensive? Well, for starters it was made by Steiff the German stuff toy specialist known for making expensive teddies. Finally it is clothed by Louis Vuitton  and dubbed to  be the most stylish teddy ever made.


2. Schimansky Soccer Ball ($2.59 Million)

This  soccer ball took three months of expert care to make.  The ball itself was studded with two thousand six hundred forty black diamond pieces as well as over six thousand six hundred twenty white diamonds and  three thousand five hundred African diamonds.  Making this ball the sort of ball that wouldn’t want to kick around.

1. Lamborghini Aventador LP Model Car ($4.8 Million)

A model car that is relatively more expensive that the real version of it. If my estimate is right you may already by at least two or six of the car that this car model is trying to model.