18 Nov 2009

Don’t know who is this LingaDore model but she’s stunning!

LingaDore lingerie 1

Now I’m going to tell why lingerie companies suck big time. Even though they struggle to design a couple of amazing lingerie items and for them women probably come in the first place, they treat their models as objects and that’s not nice at all. No names, no nothing, they just want a girl with a stunning body to wear their lingerie to attract more attention and potential buyers.

We’re not attracted by the lingerie!!! A girl’s lingerie is good only to tease us and to look sexier but we all know that lingerie will go off really fast after you get to see a chick wearing it in front of you. Men are gawking at the girl, not at the lingerie she’s wearing and if she’s showing a lot of skin and we like what we see, maybe we’ll even tell others about the pictures.

Now, this is not the first time I see an amazing photoshoot for a lingerie company with a stunning girl and we don’t get her name. I think I’ve searched for this girl’s name everywhere, from the company’s website to the most hidden place on the web and I haven’t found anything. Why? Why can’t you write her name somewhere? She’s a human being, she has a name, right? We need her name to keep all eyes on her in the future because she might be full of surprises.

In the end, this is for lingerie companies: you suck!