27 Dec 2011

Dominika Szijartoova is the hottest babe you will see today

Oh boy.. here’s one of the sexiest models I’ve seen lately, the uber hot Dominika Szijartoova (gosh, I hope I got her name right), showing off her ridiculously sexy/perfect lingerie body for the newest collection of lingerie from Marks & Spencer from what I’ve found.

Ok, so if you’ve never heard of this girl before.. don’t worry, you’re not alone. This is just the first time I got to see this girl’s amazing curves and all I can say is that.. it was love at first sight. Is she adorably hot or what !?? I’ll even remember her name from now on because.. how can anyone forget a babe that looks this hot? Absolutely flawless.

Now, maybe some of you guys could help me with a bit of info about this peach ’cause I’ve searched the web from one corner to the other and.. I couldn’t find anything about this cutie. Just a couple of more drool inducing photos with her in lingerie and that’s all. I don’t even know where she’s from or how old is she, all I know is that she’s drop dead gorgeous and looks exactly like my future girlfriend. Actually, pure coincidence, the name of my future girlfriend is also Dominika Szijartoova.