31 Jul 2012

Dominika Szijartoova is sexy, sultry, and so, sooo sweet

Gosh, it’s been ages since the last time we’ve had the privilege of drooling over South African super hottie Dominika Szijartoova and I’m pretty damn sure we’ve all missed her. She’s one of the girls that impressed me the most this year and that’s saying a lot considering that my job consists of looking at hot women all day and dating even hotter gals at night haha.

I’ve had a crush on Dominika ever since I’ve seen the first couple of photos with her and.. any time I get to see a new photoshoot, it just gets better and better. This girl was made to wear lingerie (and vice versa) and the guys at Marks & Spencer made a brilliant decision when they’ve picked Dominika to model their lingerie once in a while. Am I right or what?

Anyways, here’s this South African bombshell looking like a supernova of hotness in, you’ve guessed it, Marks and Spencer lingerie, turning us all into a pack of drooling zombies in the process. Enjoy !