9 Jan 2012

Dominika Szijartoova is really, really hot… whoever she is

Now here’s a girl you’ll surely love. We’ve featured Dominika Szijartoova for the first time in here just a couple of months ago and.. I’m pretty sure everyone and their grannies were all over this peach. I didn’t know too many things about this girl back then and I still don’t have any info on her.

All I know is that a) she’s ridiculously hot and b) she loves to pose in skimpy lingerie and looks amazing while doing so. I’ve also found out that she’s apparently South African but I’m not entirely sure that’s true because, let’s face, her name is a bit akward for a South African hottie, right?

Anyways, here she is dropping everyone’s jaw by showing off her tight little body in these new lingerie photos from Marks and Spencer. Wow, I don’t even know what else to say right now.. If these photos won’t make you remember Dominika Szijartoova‘s name then.. probably nothing will. Enjoy!