16 Feb 2017

Does Beer or Coffee Make You More Productive?

There are many misconceptions about the comparison between beer and coffee. Most people would think that coffee is the drink that will help you stay awake, therefore making you more product. On the other hand, some would say that they have become so numb to drinking coffee everyday that it’s just a part of their routine now and it doesn’t help them stay alert anymore. On the flip side, people also think that beer will make you less productive and sleepy while others would say that they are more hyper after drinking beer. Which gives you more energy? Does beer or coffee make you more productive?


First of all, coffee is composed of an ingredient called caffeine that is known to give you lots of energy. Coffee has been a staple drink in America especially in the working population because it allows them to stay awake for longer hours. Not only that, aside from the energy boost, they also become more focused on the task at hand. It really is a drink that will help you become more productive.

However, the downside to it is that the more you drink coffee, the less it will have a significant effect on your energy levels. Because the body is so used to drinking it, it will seem like it’s not enough. The body will ask for more to have the same effect that the first drink gave you. Moderation would be best if you want good results.


On the other hand, beer can also give you productivity. For some, beer can get them really sleepy and thus having zero productivity. But that’s because they have probably drank more than a few bottles. However, if you drink a can or two and you feel a little buzzed, you will be able to get rid of any other things in your mind besides the task at hand.

But of course as mentioned, the downside of it is when you drink too much. Drinking too much beer will obviously render you unable to become productive. You will not be able to focus on the task and you will just end up making a mess. Just like with coffee, moderation of drinking beer is ideal if you want to stay productive.

These are just some of the possible effects of drinking beer or coffee in terms of productivity so it should be taken with a grain of salt. But then again, moderate consumption of anything is what will make you as productive as you can.