24 Jan 2017

Discover New Places This 2017 – The Hidden Mountains of America

Every American, traveler or not, must already be familiar with the Rocky Mountains of the west and the Appalachian Mountains of the east. These mountains mark specific territories and we are forced to learn all about them in geography class. However, are you familiar with what lies in between?

No, I’m not referring to rolling plains. I’m actually talking about the unfamiliar Interior Highlands. Interior Highlands is actually the collective term given to Ozark and Ouachita Mountains which can be found in eastern Oklahoma, extending to northern Arkansas, up to southern Missouri. Yeah, it’s kinda big, so why do only a few of us know about this paradise?!


That’s right. Even the gorgeous Talimena Scenic Drive filled with so many geological treasures including gorgeous turtle-shaped rocks is not considered a protected area yet. It’s still not counted as a National Park. Hence, private establishments can easily secure its vast landscapes as property for logging or future development. We can only hope for the best when it comes to the future of Interior Highlands.

Exploring This Hidden Paradise

There are two ways to enjoy this hidden paradise. First, you can go on a road trip and drive along the Talimena Scenic Drive. Don’t forget to bring some snacks and enjoy the wonderful scenery. Or, much better, you can also leave your vehicle (somewhere safe), and go on a full hike to explore its natural beauty yourself.  Be prepared for large natural stone arches carved by time, gorgeous stone pillars that look like they were sculpted by the hands of God himself, and breathtaking cliffs giving you a priceless view of the fields below.

By doing so, not only are you going to discover hidden natural treasures this new year, but you’ll also be doing yourself a huge favor through this healthy physical activity – that’s definitely something worth checking off from your New Year resolutions list. That’s hitting two birds with one stone! Enjoy and keep safe.