28 Apr 2009

Diora Baird looks like she can rock your universe in FHM


I think I’d crash any wedding if that’s how I could get into Diora Baird‘s heart and pants. Ok, maybe we should delete heart from there, we’re not interested in feelings right? Diora is a former Playboy cover girl and we can see she’s blessed with an awesome body, tiny waist, big 32DD breasts and incredible eyes that make us shiver.

She appeared almost everywhere: in Playboy, in Maxim, in the movie Wedding Crashers with Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn and to be honest, I’m not getting tired of her after seeing her in a lot of occasions. Now, Diora Baird is scorching up the pages of the new edition of FHM magazine. She’s all real and she probably has the looks from her mother.

You also have a short interview with her there, if you want to see how she thinks too but I bet you’ll be too busy watching pics with her and you won’t read the interview at all. I haven’t read it either.


[Source: Totally Crap]