8 Oct 2010

Diora Baird in skimpy lingerie is the hotness

Diora Baird FHM UK 1

Here’s the bodacious Diora Baird looking like the definition of sultry and showing off her lovely body in sexy lingerie for the latest issue of FHM UK. Now… I don’t know what she’s been up to lately but I know I kinda missed seeing something fresh with this peach.

I even decided to follow her on twitter where she teases us from time to time with pics from her everyday life… but I’ve been waiting for quite some time for a photoshoot with her like this one from FHM. She’s definitely one of the hottest celebrities around and with that curvaceous body, pretty face and beautiful rack, she’s just the type of woman every man wants.

I don’t know how it’s possible but it seems the guys from FHM are able to read our minds and they always manage to impress us with pictorials we’ve always wanted to see. You might have seen these pics already but even though you did I would still post these because they are hands down the sexiest photos of any celebrity babe you will see today.

C’mon, look at her, she’s a freaking hot supernova of hotness!

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