17 Oct 2012

Dioni Tabbers will definitely knock you out for the count

Here’s my new uber crush from the Netherlands, the adorably hot Dioni Tabbers, doing what she probably does best for Pleasure State VIP, and in case you’re absolutely clueless what it is that she does best, it’s looking drop dead sexy from head to freaking toe while modeling skimpy lingerie!

Now I’m pretty sure that for most of you guys and gals this is just the first time you’ve had the privilege of gawking at a couple of photos of this super cutie and, since there are only 10 pics in this new photoshoot, I strongly recommend you to check out our previous posts with this peach here that will surely make you believe it love at first sight once again.

This girl has one hell of a wicked body, and she looks incredibly sexy when she’s showing it off in lingerie, making me melt into a puddle while doing so. I’d give up energy drinks (and McDonald’s) for one year just to go on a date with this girl but.. who wouldn’t, right ? Enjoy!