8 May 2013

Dioni Tabbers leaving very little to the imagination

Oh. My. God. Here’s the criminally underrated Dioni Tabbers unleashing a killer display of sexiness and sultriness in these breathtaking photos from Agent Provocateur. Now in case you didn’t know this girl before, I’m pretty sure you’ll fall for her instantly and her name will be stuck in your head forever thanks to these pics.

We’ve already featured her three times here and.. in every photoshoot she was so ridiculously hot that I couldn’t even find the right words to describe what I was seeing. Her drool inducing curves are perfect to a T and those lips and eyes will make you squirm in your chair in just a matter of seconds!

Props to the guys from Agent Provocateur for picking this Dutch super hottie to show off their new lingerie line ’cause she’s amazing! Enjoy and make sure to check out our previous articles with Dioni for a total gush fest.