28 Jul 2010

Dimitra Alexandraki is Greek for ridiculously sexy

Dimitra Alexandraki 1

Hardly a week goes by where I am not introduced to yet another smoking hot woman from Greece and today we’ve decided to make something special and show you only Greek hotties you’ve never heard of. Greece might be the most amazing country in the world considering the number of sexy women from here and we’ll end this day with another stunner, Dimitra Alexandraki.

The truth is I know very little if anything about Dimitra. She’s Greek, she’s sexy, she’s about 21 at the moment and well that’s about it. Like you care about all that… She’s probably a model since she appeared in quite a lot of pictorials lately and she’s definitely a new Greek sensation.

Earlier this year she showed off her goodies for Maxim, later she even posed for the local Playboy and then she amazed everyone again with a new jaw dropping photoshoot for another mens magazine from this country called Nitro. Other than that… I think that’s all we need to know.

Dimitra Alexandraki has a very long and slender body with a great face, beautiful long air and so on and I could say she’s a perfect candidate for an extremely high maintenance girl. There’s nothing wrong with that, right?