3 May 2017

Different Types of Shoes and When to Wear Them!

Shoes can be the most important piece of your outfit. It makes such a big statement that people tend to look at your shoes first before everything else you are wearing. It is important to note that one can be playful with the shoes that they wear. However, it should also be considered that there are types of shoes to wear for specific occasions. You can’t just wear any shoe that you feel like at any occasion. There will always be an unspoken rule as to what to wear when. With that said, here are different types of shoes and when to wear them.

5. Sneakers

Starting off the list right, sneakers are basically comfort shoes. You can’t really go wrong with Vans or Converse if you are just going to a casual gathering. Whether you are going to the mall with friends or going to your classes in university, sneakers will do you right with its level of comfort and style.

4. Brogue

You are probably thinking what a brogue shoe is. Well, to answer that question in the simplest manner, it is the typical black leather shoes. The Brogue is just a technical fashion term to call the regular formal dress shoes that one wears at school, work, or on special occasions such as a job interview.

3. Running Shoes

If you are an athletic type of person and you love to play sports or exercise a lot, then running shoes would be your best bet. Although there are other kinds of athletic shoes such as basketball shoes and tennis shoes, running shoes are the typical kind that people would tend to go for. Of course, one should only wear them at appropriate times.

2. Hiking Boots

Being an outdoorsy type, something durable and practical such as hiking boots should be the type of shoes you wear. Whether you are hiking mountains or simply trekking through the woods, hiking boots are perfect to combat against the harsh elements. It provides the support that your feet will need.

1. Boat Shoe

One of the biggest trend over the last few years is the boat shoe. A mixture between casual and formal, boat shoes are often chosen as a preferred type of shoe to wear because of it’s flexibility. You can wear them when you go to the mall wearing a regular T and jeans, or you can wear them at a more formal function wearing chinos and button ups.