7 Sep 2017

Different Brands of Soft Drinks in the Philippines!

If you are traveling to the Philippines, most likely you would be experiencing either heavy rains or extreme drought. Okay, that might be a bit exaggerated. However, it can be extremely hot that you would have to spend an entire day inside the mall for air conditioning. Philippines is a country situated near the equator. Because of that, it would make sense to have such drastic temperatures. To beat the summer heat, one way to cool down is by drinking cold soda. Soft drinks, or more popularly known as soda, are carbonated drinks that are a staple in any culture. But for the Philippines, they are a part of everyday life. Here are the different brands of soft drinks in the Philippines that you can try.

Royal Tru

This particular brand is produced only in the Philippines but is distributed from different parts of the world. It used to belong to the San Miguel company but was later purchased by Coca-Cola. It comes in different flavors, but the most common and most popular flavor is orange because of its distinctive orange color. When one thinks about Royal, they would immediately associate it with Royal Tru-Orange.


Native to the Philippines, Sarsi is actually a brand of root beer that is produced in the Philippines. Sarsi is owned by Coca-Cola just like most of the soft drinks in the country. The original word for the soft drink is sarsaparilla. However, it was then shortened to Sarsi for convenience. Although it is not as popular now as it was before, it is still a favorite among Filipinos.

International Brands

International brands such as Coke and Sprite are the most popular types of sodas in the country. With Coca-Cola being the largest soda company in the country, it would only make sense for their own products to be widely distributed all over the country. Other brands that are also popular in the Philippines are Pepsi, 7 Up, Mountain Dew, and many more. These international brands of soda have dominated the soda market in the Philippines for decades.

All of these soda brands are available at any establishment such as restaurants, convenience stores, and supermarkets so tourists have easy access to them. Why not take the opportunity to try something new? Take a sip of the native soda brands to know more about the culture of the Filipinos, what flavors of drinks they like and what they do not like. It is a great way to experience the culture.