11 Jun 2012

Diana Morales will make your freaking day!

Helloo sunshine !!! If there’s one thing that everyone on the internets can agree on after looking at these pics, it’s that Spanish supermodel Diana Morales is one of the hottest and most perfect babes on the entire freaking planet (even though I’m pretty sure most guys out there don’t even know who she is, yet).

If you ever hear someone saying that Shakira is a ‘hot latina’ you should send them a couple of photos with Diana. When this girl is showing off her uber hotness in skimpy lingerie or in a couple of sexy bikinis like you’re about to see right now well.. then my friends, we have a homerun. She’s oozing sexiness from every single inch of her body and, every single time I get to see a new set of photos with her, my jaw goes straight to the floor instantly!

I don’t know why she’s not uber popular right now but.. if she keeps doing what she does best, i.e. looking hot, turning us into drooling zombies, I’m pretty sure more and more guys will hear about this girl. Here she is doing one hell of a job of looking absolutely stunning for the new collection of swimwear from Pily Q. Enjoy!