27 Mar 2012

Diana Morales looking like her usual sizzling hot self

Gosh, just when you thought we’ve already posted the best of the best today, we have another wicked surprise for you guys and girls. Here’s a hottie that we haven’t seen for a long, long time, the drop dead sexy Diana Morales, doing what she does best once again, and in case you don’t know what it is that this Spanish supermodel does best, it’s dropping our jaws with her groovy body in lingerie.

A new photoshoot with this peach is pretty damn rare these days, but luckily for us the guys from Nelly have great taste in women and picked Diana Morales to model their new newest sexy lingerie collection. This girl is already smoking but thanks to this hotness amplifying lingerie she looks like.. the definition of drop dead sexy!

Believe it or not, our previous post with this bombshell was published around 6 months ago so I’m pretty sure you will understand why I’m going to say that this much without seeing any new photos of Diana Morales is considered torture in a couple of countries around the world. I’d look at new photos of this girl in lingerie every single day and I’d still want more, and more, and more.. Enjoy!