2 Aug 2012

Diana Morales in skimpy lingerie just made my day

Hello drool-inducing hotness attack! I think it’s been ages since the last time we’ve had the privilege of gushing over a massive lingerie photoshoot with the uber cute and sexy as hell Spanish supermodel Diana Morales but today you should consider yourselves lucky… because we have a brand spanking new set of lingerie photos of this peach.

Here she is looking like one of the sweetest supermodels on the planet while trying on some fancy lingerie from the new Nelly collection. I guess I don’t have to mention the fact that any time she slips into skimpy lingerie she can make me squirm like there’s no tomorrow because.. that’s probably going to happen to you as well in the next minutes or so.

Actually, I think you should take an hour off because the gallery below has over 100 (yeah, one hundred) awesome photos ready to be clicked and gawked at … Ready, set, go!