11 Oct 2017

Deus Ex Sea Sider: The Perfect Beach Bike For You

Picture this. You’re a surfer dude, with abs that can make even those from the movie Baywatch frown. You’re probably as American as the Beach Boys. You don’t ever care what the season is, because you can make the beach hot even during winter. The only problem is, you don’t have a cute ride that can both accommodate your board AND make the hot chicks swoon. Does this sound a lot like you?

If not, and you’re just looking for the perfect beach bike that can carry your surfboard while you roll, with a special ability of attracting beach babes as you go, then this article is perfect for you too. A warning though, you must know how to surf first in order to successfully achieve what you’re going for here.

The Deus Ex Sea Sider

Introducing the Deus Ex Sea Sider, a vintage-looking surfboard-toting beach bike. Originally this bike is a 1974 Honda C70 scooter, with its 70cc motor replaced with an engine from a 1995 Honda Astra. But aside from that, various parts have been swapped and replace to get that perfect vintage look. This includes the handlebars, headlights, and its two separate leather-covered saddles. (Psst! The leather came from a local leather shop in Bali to create the authentic tropical feel.) It’s even got a custom front basket with wooden slats to perfect that cute vintage look.

Other features of this bike include Japanese rims and a handmade exhaust. But what takes the cake is the custom rack in the left side of the bike that allows it to carry a full-sized surfboard. Pretty sweet, huh?

Want to see this bike in person? Last time I checked, it’s in the Deus Ex Machina flagship studio in Bali, where it was built. Feel free to check out the website of the creators for more information on this sweet ride.