13 Mar 2012

Derrick Rose and Bulls hand Knicks sixth straight loss

Exciting stuff happened last night in a great game between the Chicago Bulls and the New York Knicks. Boom. Did you see that Jeremy Lin block on Derrick Rose? Rose was last year’s MVP and he’s definitely not a guy who’s easy to block. Too bad Lin couldn’t stop the rest of Rose’s 32 points, with Rose putting on a show like he wants to be MVP two years running. Rose also notched 7 assists to bring the Chicago Bulls the 104-99 win on Monday.

This was the first time Derrick Rose played against Lin, and except for the one beautiful block, he dominated the matchup. Jeremy Lin has gone from Linsanity to Linconsistency, with some subpar performances lately. Yeah, he had a decent game last night, but he couldn’t save his team from another loss.

The New York Knicks are slumping hard. The defeat on Monday is the 6th in a row, bringing their record down to a measly 18-24. Milwakee even tied them for the 8th place in the playoffs right now and if they keep playing this bad they might fail to get there. The Knicks are up against the Trail Blazers on Thursday, who are 20-21 and looking to get to .500.

The Chicago Bulls have an awesome 35-9 record with the win on Monday, leading the NBA, and they did it even with an injury whittled line. They have Luol Deng, C. J. Watson and Rip Hamilton out with various injuries, but still managed to win games. The Bulls are facing off against the Miami Heat on Wednesday, who will definitely put up more of a fight than the mediocre Knicks for the #1 spot of the conference.

This is going to be the must-see game of the week, well, apart from the game between Miami Heat and Orlando Magic tonight.