11 Jun 2013

Deborah Mace and her killer cuteness

Yes, it’s about time for a premiere! Here she is, for the very first time available for us to drool at.. the very sporty, very sexy and very French Deborah Mace. What is there to say? It’s quite obvious that Elite Model Agency has made the right choice, deciding that this alluring, hot blooded young woman is just perfect for disturbing men thoughts. And God, do I feel disturbed!

I mean, look at her! Perfectly sculpted for bikinis, sexy as hell.. but still making you think she could take you to heaven. That cute air about her  is part of her sexy mystique charm that makes me want to stare at her pics forever.

Since I am definitely stuck with my eyeballs tightly squeezed against the monitor, I decided I will spread her cuteness all over the Internet with these pics from Saha swimwear. I don’t think anyone will mind, do you?! Looking forward to future photoshoots from this French babe and the unavoidable eye problems. Enjoy!