26 Apr 2011

Debora Campos is scorching hot, and definitely a must see

Guys, don’t even bother asking me who Debora Campos is… I have absolutely no idea. But what I do know is that she’s a Brazilian bombshell and I also know that she sure fills out bikinis and swimsuits really well. Even my friend Google hasn’t heard of her yet but if she keeps showing off her gorgeous little body like this, I’m sure everyone will hear about her sooner or later.

Debora Campos is a freaking hottie, and just after this one post I’ve already added her in my top ten favorite girls from Brazil. She’s just another example that girls from Brazil are some of the world’s most beautiful girls and… I think we should all visit that country at least once in our lives.

Even her name sounds really sexy and I’m pretty sure it will be stuck in your mind after you’ll gawk at the following photos. So.. here’s Brazilian model Debora Campos looking her absolute sexiest while posing in a bunch of bikinis at the beach. Enjoy!