11 Aug 2017

Dating Apps That Make You Call Your Date

Who was it that said that life is a battlefield? I remember that line in so many movies, and in so many books. It doesn’t even matter if those were the exact words, but that is a common theme amongst modern literary works today. And why not? Living in this age and time really is a challenge.

Dating Apps

The air is polluted. Our waters infected. But what proves to be one of the most challenging task of all, one where our very existence relies on, is dating.

Hence the creation of different dating apps.

If you think that the modern times have been friendlier to the singles, then you are gravely mistaken. Never before has dating become more challenging. Everything is so fast aced that even love has become fast paced. So it wasn’t really surprising when apps were created to help us out. To help us find that perfect partner in this vast yet unbelievably small world.

But here’s the problem. These apps have made dating even more of a challenge! Find someone through a certain dating app, and what you’ll most likely get is a random hookup with a stranger. But what if you’re not after the one-night stand?

Then there are these special apps.

We have already talked about the app Hotline here before. A special dating app that makes you call your date first before you can start messaging each other. It even prevents you from connecting with “multiple partners”, narrowing down your “dating choices” to only three, I think. And you have to call all of them first before you can move on further. Feel free to read the article specifically dedicated to Hotline in our archive.

Did you know, though, that there is another app aside from Hotline that promotes a decent conversation over a hookup? This app is called Hinge. Like Hotline, the whole point of Hinge is to connect and not just, you know, flirt and fly.

In Hinge, they don’t really encourage you to meet as much as you can, but rather, they want you to focus on those to whom you are already matched and connect with them. Converse and talk. And if you don’t, if you just match with a lot of people without even bothering to get to know them a bit deeper, then you’ll get penalized. They’ll put you at the bottom of the food chain.

The app looks and feels a bit like Instagram. There’ll be photos and posts that you could get to like and comment on. You can answer questions about each other, and more. Basically, it’s an app that wants you to find a partner. A real one. A person to actually have a relationship with, so if this is what you seek, then Hinge is the app for you.