12 May 2017

Dating App Madness: The Dating App That’s Based On The Things You Hate! (1 of 2)

“We have a lot of things in common with each other”. How many times have you heard this answer already whenever you ask someone what he (or she) likes about the person they are currently dating. You’re probably guilty of this too. And why wouldn’t you enjoy dating someone who likes the same things?

Dating App Madness

But have you ever thought to date someone who hates the same things?

Obviously, the creator of this app did or he wouldn’t have been able to bring the dating app “Hater” into completion. The app, which is currently exclusive to iPhone users from now, matches its users based on the things they hate. It’s simple and a bit similar to the other dating apps that we’re already used to, that allow the users to evaluate the profile based on swiping motions. Up for love, and down for hate.

So if you want to search for the hater meant for the hater in you, then please, feel free to download the app. For Android users, there is no need to worry, there’s an Android version already underway at the time of writing this article.

The app also serves as a nice social experiment.

For instance, who knew that people love to hate presidential elections and side walk etiquette? I just don’t get why there are still a lot of people with bad habits in public places when there are so many of us who hate it. Don’t they hate it as well?

And as for the things that people DON’T hate, the answers are their own mothers, the ocean, and guacamole. No surprise there. A lot of us have father issues, but mother issues? They’re as rare as legendary pokemon.

Once you’ve found the perfect match who hates the same things as you, then it’s time to start swiping! The app even lets you play a simple game to skip that awkward “hey” moment.

This is a two-part series about the latest dating apps by the way so if you want to learn more about dating apps, then be sure to stay tuned for the next post!