2 Jul 2012

Danielle Knudson’s sexiness will melt you into a puddle

I don’t know if any of you guys remember this, but almost one year ago we’ve discovered this blonde angel named Danielle Kn. She looked like the definition of perfection in bikinis and.. she appeared on a ton of sites back then. She went off our radar as fast as she got in but today we finally have a follow-up to that article, and a lot more info about this blonde bombshell.

Apparently her full name is actually Danielle Knudson and she’s.. Canadian. Holy freakin’ out and about, she just jumped straight to my top 5 hottest Canadian girls now that I know this. I don’t have a clue why we don’t get to see a new photoshoot with this peach every single week, or at least month.. ’cause if I had a clothing company I’d like her to pose for me almost every day.

I’m really glad we finally found a couple of photos with her that we haven’t seen yet ’cause this girl is ridiculously hot and we definitely need to see more of her! So, without further ado, here’s Danielle Knudson unleashing her sexiness in a couple of new photos.for Zeugari swimwear.