29 Oct 2012

Danielle Knudson in lingerie is a supernova of hotness

And… my hidden crush from Canada is finally back in our minds and dreams with a brand spanking new photoshoot that will surely make your day!! Here’s the uber sweet Danielle Knudson showing off her perfect little body in a whole slew of scorching hot lingerie from Nordstorm and looking like drop dead sexy minx in each one of these drool inducing photos.

Now in case this is just the first time you’ve heard of this blonde hottie, don’t worry, I’m pretty sure you’re not alone. She’s one of the sexiest babes we’ve discovered this year and one of those rare girls who are both ridiculously cute and smoking hot in the same time. She can easily make you feel weak at the knees and after you’ll gawk at these photos I’m sure you’ll understand why I say that.

Having said that, I’m gonna cut this post shorter than normal so you can enjoy this uber sweetness as soon as possible. Time to drool starts in 3,2,1.. go!