30 Mar 2011

Danielle Dwyer looking all kinds of sexy in lingerie

I don’t know about you guys, but Danielle Dwyer in naughty lingerie is just what I needed as a pick-me-up this boring Wednesday morning. Here she is unleashing the hotness in this lingerie photoshoot for Touche and, hot damn, is she ridiculously hot, or what? She might actually make you say “Touche!”.

This Texan hottie is a pretty new face for us all but if she keeps showing off her tight little body like this, I’m pretty sure her popularity will go up as fast as a rocket! About this phtooshoot… I don’t have a clue how old these pics are but, since we’ve first heard of this girl just a couple of months ago, I guess these pics are pretty new.

I don’t even know what else should I write about this girl. After gawking a couple of times at these pics, I think I might be in love. That’s how much I like her. Anyways, here’s Danielle Dwyer looking close to perfection in skimpy lingerie in a special photoshoot for Touche. Enjoy!