16 Apr 2012

Daiane Sodré is just another reason to love Brazil

Some of you might not agree with me on this one, but after drooling over thousands of hotties in these last years, I’m going to say that the most beautiful girls in the world come from Brazil. There’s just something special about them.. the groovy little body, the awesome skin tone, the lips, the eyes, the weird yet sexy accent (like Adriana Lima) or the fact that most Brazilian models look ridiculously hot whenever they pose in lingerie or swimwear.

It’s like they were made to look amazing in bikinis or lingerie. Every new Brazilian model that I discover makes me feel weak at the knees and makes me wanna visit that country in 2014 for, you know.. the World Cup girls. And today I’m happy to say that I’ve found an adorable up and coming Brazilian hottie that I’m pretty sure most of you guys and gals don’t know yet.

Her name is Daiane Sodré and after gawking at these ridiculously sexy photos from Ank Verao’s new swimwear collection I’m pretty sure you’ll remember it from now. This is girl is extremely beautiful and, as you can see from any of these photos, she’s exactly as special as I’ve described above. She’s also just 19 right now if my sources are right so that means we’re going to hear a lot more about her in the future!