1 Aug 2013

Dagmara Bajura could be the perfect nanny

After discovering nekkid photos of this hot Polish model, Dagmara Bajura, my interest in her grew more.. and more! True, this Vena lingerie photoshoot is nowhere close to that, but enough to bring the dead to life. If more people saw her photos, she’d be the cure to mortality.

I couldn’t find much about this hoochie mama, but who cares, right? The essential is this: she’s hot, incredibly sexy, she’s got all the right curves in all the right places and, of course.. with that round and plump bosom could and will hypnotize any guy instantly. I’m a knight of the round bosom!

Although this Polish sex goddess is new on our site, I think it became clear in an instant that she will return, possibly not by her own will. Still, we must realize that, once that happens, no one will ever get any work done. Oh, and the Dagmara Bajura nude photos.. good luck finding them Mother of God, she’s superb! Enjoy!