30 Jul 2014

Cutie Bailey Nortje speaks the universal language

Let’s all clap our hands and welcome incredible hot and cute South African model Bailey Nortje. Aside of I’ve just told you, I have no other info on this teasing young model, but I could not care less at the moment, especially since she’s prancing about in some skin revealing Extreme Intimo swimwear outfits. I am, however, sure I want her to be my next girlfriend, and that’s all that matter. Come here, baby!

I often am surprised by the fact that such beautiful and incredible women, working in the fashion industry, remain under the radar and totally invisible to the general public. I’m not sure why, but I’ve never seen of heard of a man seeing a beautiful women, and not talk about it; it’s just impossible for us. So, I’m guessing there are a lot of jealous honeys out there, who are afraid of losing their men. Judging by the way this fox looks and poses, I tend to agree with that!

But I’m sure that Bailey Nortje should be admired, by men and women alike, since she’s incredibly beautiful and looks like she wouldn’t hurt a fly. Those incredible eyes, cute smile and long legs are enough to get her praised in various cultures, and mentally undressed in ours. No matter where you come from, beauty is a universal language, and Bailey is definitely understood here, on Brosome. Enjoy!