14 Apr 2014

Cuteness princess Marloes Horst is heating things up

Maan, I’m hot! Marloes Horst is making sure I’m slowly drowning in my own bodily fluids. Sure, I’ve learned to swim, but being as hot as she is, this foxy babe would probable evaporate everything in an instant. Victoria’s Secret is making sure of that, as they’ve featured her in their latest photo-shoot and allowed her to teas us to death in their lingerie outfits. anyone up for a slumber party?!

Alright guys, it’s time once again to inject a serious dose of sexiness into your morning, as Marloes is unleashing her drool inducing curves in a couple of awesome poses in the bedroom. I’m not sure who’s, but I bet you’d like her to pay you a visit; keep dreamin’! This girl’s photos always make my heart skip a beat and that happened to me right now as well. Just get a load of that insanely sexy body and.. I’m pretty sure you’ll be really, really close to passing out. Damn!

Her awesome body and adorable smile are enough to get you going, but let’s not kid ourselves: nobody saw her smile, not by a long shot! That’s the problem with super hot babes who choose to heat us up by talking it all off. I don’t even care what she’s wearing, as long as I see new photos with this peach, and since Marloes Horst was gracious enough to honor us with her presence, there’s nothing left to but.. Enjoy!