3 Feb 2014

Cute bunny Lisalla Montenegro is back

Well, heellooo endless and beautiful legs! Happy you’ve come my way. Sure, there’s a ridiculously awesome and sweet Brazilian supermodel attached to them, Lisalla Montenegro to be exact, who we are most excited to drool at once again, as she is unleashing some seriously sexy poses and sultry curves. But those legs, those sex-appeal oozing, gorgeous legs are driving me insane. Thank you Beach Bunny for you new collection.

The sex appeal from any Lisalla Montenegro photoshoot is almost palpable and, even though we all know that’s impossible, I’m pretty sure some of you guys and gals will touch your monitor to see if you can actually feel anything. She looks absolutely fabulous and her beautiful smile is impressing the hell out of me.

So there you go… one of the sweetest Brazilian supermodels, unleashing some seriously sexy poses and sultry curves looking like one of the most gorgeous women you will ever see in your life. I’m gonna stop right here and leave you guys enjoy the sizzling pics below.Let’s hope for more from uber hot Lisalla Montenegro!